Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Check out these quality boats in the next BoatBid.com boat auction.
The Auction starts in less than 9 days from today.

You can place a bid on any of these boats from the 1-15 March 2012.
BoatBid enables you, the boat buyer to bid with the confidence that any boat can be surveyed and sea trialled before you make the decision to purchase. The transaction is handled by a trained Yacht Broker.

When BoatBid Auction starts you can place your bid. If you are out bid, you'll receive notification, allowing you to place a higher bid. All bidders names are confidential. When the BoatBid Auction has finished, the successful bidder is the highest bidder whose bid has met or exceeded the reserve price. If you are the winner, you will have 21 days to perform your checks, such as survey.

Here is the up to date boat auction catalogue, check out the boats for sale below and click on the links for further information.

Beneteau 38 1997 Starting price $35,500

Schuker 430 Pilot House 1979 Starting price $65,500

Hunter 44 Deck Salon 2007 Starting Price $99,500

Formula 240BR 2011 Starting price £35,500

Formula 240 Sun sport 2011 Starting price £35,500

Classic Lyman 25 Sleeper 1964 starting price $12,500

Silverton 34 Motor Yacht 1993 starting price $26,500

Halvorsen 32 Gourmet Cruiser 2003 starting price $85,000

Silverton 330 Sportbridge 2001 starting price $49,500

Classic Stephens 38 1956 starting price $3,950 Try an Offer, must be sold

Mochi Craft 43 1995 starting price $84,500

Classic Matthews 40 Sedan 1947 starting price $29,500

Carver 390 Santego 1999 starting price $54,500

Classic Trojan 38 Sea Voyager 1968 starting price $32,500

Boat House in Puget sound for 40 foot boat starting price $18,500