Thank you. Quality 5 star service, before and after sales.

- Nic & Anne Marie - February 2022 | Boatshed Norfolk

If it wasn’t for all your hard work with your photos and videos etc, I would never of been able to have bought it like this, so thanks to you.

- Simon - February 2022 | Boatshed Brighton

Delighted to confirm receipt of the funds from the sale of our boat. As mentioned before – excellent service, in every way.

- Mr T O'Brien - February 2022 | Boatshed Norfolk

Thank you for your services and and personal effort in making the sale as easy as it was. I would highly recommend you to anyone that asked "where's the best place to sell or buy a boat?" It's been a pleasure doing business with you.

- James Leach - February 2022 | Boatshed Norfolk

Appreciate the detailed way you present boats, many VR Pics and VR videos. Your colleagues could learn a lot from you…

- Marcel - January 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Tim answered my queries, and I had plenty, within the hour. 23:00pm, or 8:30am, weekdays, or weekend did not make any difference. He seems to be there for you 24/7. Thank you Tim.

- Sadek - January 2022 | Boatshed Brighton

Excellent communication from Tim at Boatshed Brighton. Very quick to respond, informative and kept up to date at all times. Impressively actions were taken during the Christmas period to ensure a successful sale (survey organised and findings quickly made known) . As such my boat sold incredibly quickly and for a very good price for both the buyer and myself as a seller. Absolutely recommend Boatshed for all those buying/selling boats. Professional, knowledgeable, expertise. Faultless. Very, very impressed.

- Martin - January 2022 | Boatshed Brighton

Thank you for your assistance. Your professionalism was always evident and very comforting

- Rolf - December 2021 | Boatshed

Just a quick note to express my thanks and appreciation for your input during my purchase of my Trident Voyager 40. Considering the geography involved and the prevailing pandemic, I believe the purchasing procedure went very well.

- Peter - December 2021 | Boatshed Yorkshire

Magali, bonjour ! J’accuse bonne réception de votre virement et vous en remercie. Nous voici au terme de cette relation contractuelle qui m’a donné entière satisfaction. Je vous en remercie une fois encore, autant pour votre gestion professionnelle que pour l’aspect relationnel cordial et sympathique qui a guidé la conduite de mon dossier. Au plaisir de vous rencontrer, peut-être au hasard des canaux…Avec mes meilleures salutations. Pierre S.

- Pierre S. - December 2021 | Boatshed Bourgogne

Bonjour Magali, Je tiens à remercier BoatshedMidiCanals pour la qualité des relations de confiance entre cette entreprise de courtage et moi lors de la vente de mon bateau. De plus, cette vente a été effectuée dans des délais très raisonnables ainsi qu'avec satisfaction en ce qui concerne la transaction financière. Je conseille donc Boatshed aux futurs vendeurs et acquéreurs de bateaux.

- Jean-Pierre L - December 2021 | Boatshed Midi Canals

Paul sold my boat within 7 days. Professional from start to finish mixed with a friendly approach. Would highly recommend.

- Bob Holder - December 2021 | Boatshed Yorkshire

We bought a boat being sold by Boatshed Brighton, it was our first boat and the information and advice was far beyond any other boats we looked at. I would definitely go back to Boatshed Brighton when selling if I am still in the same area!

- Julian - November 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Once again, thank you. Recently we have had many dealings with various people for many reasons. I had got to the point where I was completely losing any belief I had in human nature! Having been a nurse, then a midwife for the past 35 years, I haven't had daily interactions if the kind we've had to lately, so am rather naïve and tend to assume everyone is honest, nice thoughtful, kind etc. Sadly I've been proven wrong again and again and drive Chris mad as he feels I never learn. It is so wonderful to actually meet someone like you! You have truly boosted my belief in human kind again. Your email actually made me cry ( in a good way!) I said to Chris as we left our meeting the other day that I felt that you are a completely trustworthy, lovely guy. He gave me the "here she goes again" look. Well it warms my heart that my instincts were correct. You are one of the few remaining, honest, kind, honourable and nice people left in the world. I am sad that this will impact you financially and appreciate what a big gesture of good will this is. If anyone is ever buying a boat from you and unsure or worried, I will forever be happy to recommend and support your excellent and honest approach to life and business. You have lifted a pretty bleak atmosphere at home! Thank you! I cannot thank you enough. May the universe/God/Karma whatever you believe in heap many rewards on you in return for your goodness. You deserve every happiness and blessing around! Sorry to go on ( autistic husband thinks I'm insane!)

- Siobhan - November 2021 | Boatshed Norfolk

Thanks once again, really impressed with the service you’ve given.

- M Benson - November 2021 | Boatshed Norfolk

You certainly know your stuff Tim. You blew me away with all your knowledge, that’s for sure, when I met you!

- Vicky - November 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Tim is a rare breed of broker who you can trust. He knows his boats and has a vast experience of models and prices.

- Peter - November 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Graham and Magali. Thank you for selling our restaurant boat and getting us such a good deal despite such a difficult context. Thank you for taking care of all the administrative side as well as the organization of the craning and transfer of the boat by international exceptional convoy too. We can really recommend Boatshed Midi Canals through Graham and Magali Wharmby for their professionalism and kindness.

- A & R Frayssinet - November 2021 | Boatshed Midi Canals

I would like to thank Tim from the Boatshed team, a totally unbiased experience, went the extra mile to help out wherever and whenever I asked! What a gent.

- Gary - November 2021 | Boatshed Brighton

Top stuff - very very professional and straightforward to deal with. Sold our sailing boat in no time at all. My only regret is not coming to Boatshed earlier during our sale process (we had the boat with another broker before). 10/10 and big thanks to Dan King.

- Nick - October 2021 | Boatshed Brighton